Dr. jur. Dieter Röckel 1922 - 2015

Shortly after his 93rd birthday the well known Conus-researcher Dr. jur. Dieter Röckel passed away peacefully after a short serious illness last Wednesday in his home in Eberbach/Baden, Germany. Beginning of the 1970ies he became interested in the conchology and quickly evolved to an enthusiastic collector, first of all kind of shells, concentrating interim of door snails and finally of Conus since 1975. After a long-term collecting trip to the Cape Verde Islands in 1979/1980 he started to describe Conus-species scientifically, lasting finally in 60 taxa he authored or co-authored. Between 1970 and 2001 he published more than 170 papers on malacology (see Mitt. dtsch. malakozool. Ges, 71/72: 31-50), his most important one, the Manual of Living Conidae, Indo-Pacific Region of 1995, being still the bible for Conus-lovers and scientists.

We'll keep him in our mind and those who knew him better thankfully in their hearts. Our cordial condolence to his wife Else, who was married with him for 63 years, his daughter and his son with family.

Klaus Groh